Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Cheap Trainer

I often get new clients who have had personal training before. They tell me about their experiences, the good with the bad. They usually always have at least one terrible trainer experience. Out of curiosity I ask, how they ended up with the trainer if they were so bad.

The most common answer is, they were the cheapest.

There is nothing wrong with being inexpensive. Being the most popular personal training in LA according to some polls, we are pretty inexpensive. Actually even compared to big franchise gym trainers we are inexpensive. The reason is simple, we don't want money to weed people out. We want the ability to weed people out based on their attitude. If their attitude is great, they get our great price.

So you can find a good trainer that's inexpensive. But if the only value you are looking for is finding someone "cheap," you will end up getting what you pay for.

If the value you are looking for is a terrific trainer, with a terrific program, that's what you'll get. If they are affordable on top of that, that is a perk but that was not what you based your value judgement on.

Sometimes people hedge their bets by looking for the best trainer, out of the cheapest ones. It still doesn't seem to work out because your top priority was not finding a great trainer, it was finding the best one of out of the cheapest ones. The best out of a certain group doesn't always mean good. You let price weed out a lot of the cool ones. Which was one of our early lessons that we previously mentioned. When our rates were too high, we didn't really have the ability to weed out anyone, and we had to train whoever we could get.

We love our job because we love the people we train.

There are still trainers who train clients who they can't stand and it shows in their training, but they keep training them because they need the money. And the clients even though don't enjoy training with the trainer because they don't like them either, keep training there because the trainer cut them such a good deal. So a few times a week they get together to train in a toxic environment that ruins everyone's day.

What a waste of time and money. A trainer should be just that, your trainer. Not your creditor.

To have a great experience, you don't want your trainer to feel undervalued. And you don't want to feel like all you are is dollar signs to them.

What you should be looking for in a good trainer is whether he or she is a good trainer. Not whether he or she is "cheap," then you see if they are a good trainer.
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