Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Drop Your Cholesterol Once And For All

An e-mail I received from a client while I was on vacation. And yes I check my e-mail on vacation:


I hope you guys are enjoying Bali!

I want to share the good news I received from my doctor about my blood test results!

Cholesterol in Feb: 170
Cholesterol in Aug: 127
-43 point drop. This was my cholesterol level in my early 20's.

Triglycerides in Sept '10: 200
Triglycerides in Aug: 96
-104 point drop. The high triglycerides count was plaguing me for YEARS.

HDL went up and the LDL went down. I don't have the exact numbers but she's forwarding me a copy in the mail.

I saw my doctor back in October. For the first time, she requested to monitor my health via blood tests 3 months in February after seeing my results. First time she requested this so I knew I was in trouble. She was very concerned about where I was heading. My numbers improved in February after I stopped drinking and ate better...but I don't think my cholesterol has been in the 120 range in years. These are some of the best numbers she had seen in years.

I never ever want pop pills. I've seen how crappy my relatives are doing with medication. I am very surprised how my grandfathers liver can process all that medication wo failing..3+ types of meds!! Sure he is alive but I can tell he is miserable and suffering from dementia. All of that drove me to find you.

Thank you. Those words don't even convey a fraction of my gratitude to you. You and Cindy definitely changed my life for the better.

Hope that lands you on a good start back to work next week."
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