Friday, July 27, 2012


I truly believe if you surround yourself with positive people, you will gain from their attitude, and they will gain from you. I have seen our members succeed in family, financially (even to extremely high degrees), get out of bad relationships, change their health, cure themselves.

They have also watched us grow from an unhappy stock broker who didn't feel like they were really helping their fellow man, to driving around the country and seeing the health of our nation and blogging about it, to being a nerdy blogger who threw bootcamps in the park for free just to get people moving, to being the clipboard holding trainer at a health club, to starting a one man fitness revolution inside of a personal trainer's gym that was shared with many other trainers, to leasing a small section of a martial arts studio to train people, to our own private studio inside of a bigger gym, to bringing in a second person to help run what is All Out Effort, to bringing in a third person to help with the self defense aspect, to finally getting our own giant retail space! All in a matter of a few short years!

I truly believe our members and the coaches work with each other to make things happen and both sides have benefited.

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