Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Results

We had a great month at AOE

Laraine lost 4lbs, got into a healthy BMI, and is a LEAN body fat.
Sandra is only in her third week, and has lost 5lbs total and 3% body fat.
Simon has lost another 4.6lbs, which brings her to 18lbs total and a healthy BMI.
Anita has lost 6lbs, that's 17lbs total and 4 inches off her waist in 2 months.
Melissa with 3.2lbs, 4% body fat, 2 inches off her waist and thigh, and a new healthy BMI.
Kirsten with 10lbs in her first month and is now at a new BMI.
Glenn lost 5lbs, hit a new BMI, and has lost 25lbs total.
Jason with 1.8lbs and is now at a new BMI.
Ivana with 1.8lbs, healthy BMI, and ATHLETIC body fat.
Dana with 3.6% body fat, now at healthy BMI and LEAN body fat.
Michelle Y: 13lbs, healthy BMI, ATHLETIC body fat.
Shaya: 5lbs, healthy BMI, LEAN body fat.
Arthur: 2.4lbs, healthy BMI, LEAN body fat.
Michelle S: 13lbs, a new BMI, and 30lbs TOTAL! In just 4 months!
Gavril: 6.8lbs
Kevin: 1lb, that's 43lbs TOTAL!

For all my other clients who have hit their goals and are on the much harder journey of maintaining their place at the top:

Miko who has lost 14% total body fat, 34lbs total, and is now a healthy BMI, and LEAN body fat.
Ben who is healthy BMI, ATHLETIC body fat.
Amy maintaining her healthy BMI.
Rebecca maintaining healthy BMI.
Tiffany maintaining healthy BMI.
Ashley maintaining healthy BMI.
Ji healthy BMI.
Whitney healthy BMI.
Bjorn healthy BMI, ATHLETIC body fat.
Caity healthy BMI.
Vince healthy BMI, ATHLETIC body fat.

They are now chasing a new goal, STRENGTH records.

And for all the new clients who will enjoy this experience next month, good luck. :)
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