Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arthur's Testimonial

Source: http://www.yelp.com/biz/all-out-effort-sam-y-personal-training-los-angeles#hrid:ogCT4isOXUpp5-SWXPRCYw

"I've been to the other Personal Trainers; The dime-a-dozen, amped-up fitness freaks, of which there are so very many in this town. People with frozen smiles and that perpetual groaning noise caught in their throat after they say what they think you want to hear.

People who will tell you anything to make you feel like you're making progress. People who coddle you and make you feel good about yourself so that you continue to give them money for their unlicensed, unregulated business that they conduct with little to no training requirements or expertise. Such is the usual business practice of the Hollywood Personal Trainer.

I'd hate to sound clich├ęd, folks, but Sam is not the average Personal Trainer. He shouldn't even be in the same category. At this point, I find that referring to him as a "Personal Trainer" belittles him due to the mere association it creates with the rest of the fitness morons in this town.

Sam is, to me, a remarkable individual with whom it is a privilege to train with and be helped by. Unfortunately, that's not a catchy title but it captures the spirit of his practice far more than "Personal Trainer".

He is not here to tell you what you want to hear. In fact, you're probably going to hear a bunch of stuff you didn't want to hear. About your diet. About your posture. About your moods and your personality and the way you conduct your life.

He approaches you from a clinical, almost mathematical point of view. Just by looking at your musculature and the tightness of your joints and nerves, at the way you move and run and interact, he can somehow see the kind of life you lead and the kind of person you are and, make no mistake, to Sam, that is important.

He's not trying to improve your body. He's trying to improve you. Body and mind. Hardware and Software. Improve it, shape it. To him, it's all connected, as I've come to learn that it should be.

Let me explain; He will constantly look at every aspect of your life. Your diet. Your exercise. Your work place. Your personal life. All of these things come into play and he evaluates all of it and forms a plan to improve every facet of your life. And he will explain to you, in detail, why and how these parts of your life must change. Get ready to absorb some info, because Sam does his homework. He is learned and very informed in everything that he does. This kind of dedication from a "Personal Trainer" is not the norm. I cannot stress it enough when I say he doesn't NEED to do what he does, he does it out of pleasure and kindness.

And as much as he might seem like the hard-ass, he's a softie. He puts a LOT of emotional investment into you. More than many people should. So much that you won't want to let him down. It's not a guilt thing, he actually cares. He puts effort into you, tries to help you in any way he can, professionally and personally because he approaches you like a PERSON, not like a body or a client. That's why he's so effective. He tries to fix problems from the source.

And he feels more like a good friend than a coach. The only reminder that I'm a client of a business is that every few weeks he mentions that I'll have to make a payment soon. The rest of the time, he approaches me with a balance of professionalism and friendship that is exactly what I need to turn my life around.

Which brings me to my final point; By far, the most important thing you must take away from this review is that he will stress that it is YOU who's got to make the change. YOU who has to put the work in and the belief. I know I've made him sound like some flip-a-switch solution to your problems, he's not. He just gives you the support and information you need for YOU to become the solution. And that's worth a whole lot more than he charges.

Before Sam, I was half-assing life. I was just trying my best. Now, I'm trying to be the best. There's a big difference there."
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