Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You Are Not Special Commencement Speech

The greatest commencement speech given. It's talking about how we all want to feel special. How we celebrate everything and nothing. How we reward ourselves for every minor achievement. He's talking about success in life.

I see the same issues with health. A culture of reward eating, celebrating anything just to get together and eat. I'll start my diet on Monday because I have a graduation, an office party, an ice cream social. When we look at pictures of ourselves now, and our parents at the same age, you can see who truly rewarded themselves more. Our parents generation were too busy to reward or celebrate so much because they were busy industrializing the world. Now instead of doing we just reward. Cake usually comes with special occasions, that usually meant once a year. Now it means once a week.

Ultimately it's about not being mediocre. Not comparing yourself to your friends or people around you. That's not enough. You have to do the best of your potential. As he puts it, seize the hell out of the day. It starts today, don't wait until next Monday.

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