Friday, June 8, 2012

How Did Our Food Make Us Human?

I have discussed in length how we humans were designed and evolved to eat. One of our clients friends happens to be an anthropologist, and she read the article and agreed with it wholeheartedly. She said that that's probably the view of most anthropologists.

She also sent me this documentary that gives an anthropological view to my same argument. It's about how food, hunting, and cooking were keys to human evolution. It interviews many noted anthropologists and scholars. The natural diet of humans seems to be a mix of raw vegetables, some cooked vegetables, cooked meats, nuts, and fruits when available.

One of the things worth mentioning was the scientists work on calories. They ran an experiment with rats, one set of rats were fed raw sweet potatoes. The other cooked sweet potatoes. Same portions. The ones who ate the raw potatoes stayed the same size. The ones who ate the cooked potatoes got fat. This is the main problem of counting calories. It assumes you will net the same amount. You can eat a carrot or a piece of candy, both may be equal in calories, but you will net far less of the calories of the carrot (but more of the nutrients) whereas with the candy you will gain all the calories with no nutrients. So the key isn't calorie counting. That doesn't work, its more a question of ingredients, quality, and preparation. If we focus on calories, we can keep processing foods that are lower in calories, but that are more processed so that we net even more of it. The reason the rats gain more calories when the sweet potato is cooked is because cooking is a form of pre-digestion, so it's ready to be absorbed. Now if you process it, grind it, refine it, and cook it, it doesn't even need to be digested at all. It's ready to spike your blood sugar the moment it hits your system. With less processed foods, a lot of it will leave your system undigested as insoluble fiber. Even the things they sell as high fiber are products that are processed and can't be eaten in it's raw state. Which defeats the purpose.

This causes the problems with blood sugar, insulin, storage of fat, metabolic damage, fat around the liver, hormonal responses, adrenal responses, pancreatic responses, obesity, sickness, and premature death.

A lot of people have opinions on what we ate, this is what the people who do it for a living have discovered.
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