Monday, June 4, 2012

End Of May Results

End of May was full of great results for some, and a learning experience for a lot of new clients.

Some highlights:

Art lost 3lbs and 10% body fat.
Gavril lost 3lbs
Glenn lost 3 more pounds.
Ashley lost 2.4 more pounds
Simon lost 3.2
Amanda lost 5lbs and 5% body fat.
Michelle lost 1lb
Whitney lost 3.6lbs
Angela lost 1lb
Laraine lost 3lbs and 3.4% body fat.
Anita lost 11.2lbs!!!

This month we ended up weighing in after a long weekend and holiday, Memorial Day. How much does a long weekend affect you when you are taking it easy on your diet?

Glenn had lost 6lbs on Friday, right before the weekend. On the following Tuesday he had gained 3 of those pounds back. Michelle had lost 5lbs on Thursday before Memorial. After Memorial she had gained 3 of those pounds back. Dana was down 3 more pounds on Friday, almost at her personal goal! By Tuesday she had gained 4lbs, so she was up a WHOLE pound.

Everyone had it rough this month, with people coming back from Hawaii, actually several people, Napa, and endless BBQs. Listen, it's never easy. It's tough. I know, I get it. Almost every one of my clients had much higher projected numbers the week before Memorial. They didn't think 3 days could make much of a difference. That's why I weighed them in after the long weekend. It's a hard lesson. I didn't have to share it with the internet but I did, it's a learning experience everyone can learn from. One bad weekend can ruin a months worth of work. Is it worth it? Actually let me answer that for you. NO!

To the clients who were able to overcome the weekend and get one step closer to the goal, it is even more admirable. There is nothing glamorous about how we get to our goals here at All Out Effort. We peck away at it. Kevin never had a crazy month where he lost 10lbs. He just pecked away at it every month, and never had one month where he gained any of his weight back. He still has a way to go, but when he said to me, "so probably for the next 20lbs, I have to go harder than the first 40 huh?" I nodded my head.

He already set his expectations, I didn't have to say anything to him. He gets it done and does it quietly. Believe it or not it's harder to lose weight slowly than quickly? What do I mean? A lot of people lose weight really quickly in the first 2 months. Maybe they are down 30lbs! After a year, they are back up plus 10 more pounds. Let's say we have another person who took a whole year to lose 40. So the person who lost it quickly after a year is up 10, the person who lost it slowly is down 40 and still going, little by little every month. It's not a race. In a race it's impossible to go backwards. In weight loss you can so it's not an accurate comparison. Weight loss is like any strategy game, its okay to gain territory inch by inch, the most important part is not to lose any ground that you've gained. That is the key to strategy and believe me there is strategy to weight loss.
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