Friday, June 1, 2012

All The Ways We Hurt Our Back

Couldn't sleep last night. Coach Cindy and I were discussing a client who's back seemed to be regressing and we couldn't figure out why. I got up and looked up all the ways to try and improve her back. I was diving back into all my corrective exercise training, yoga tricks, FMS stuff, everything. And then I was getting ahead of myself. We are dealing with humans here who can communicate and sometimes we get so caught up in improving our clients and using our training, we forget that the client can talk. So I texted her and asked why one of our best athlete's back looks so weak lately?

She said she thinks she needs a new mattress. She's been meaning to get a new one... I asked if its old and squishy and sunken down in the middle. She said yes... If she notices problems with her back and thinks she needs a new bed, and her coaches notice something is up, I think it's time for a new bed. It's crazy how we would have tried all these therapies if we didn't just ask her what was going on. Sometimes solutions are simple. So if you've been meaning to get a new bed because it's hurting your back, go get one!

We can try to resolve any issue as much as we can, but if we don't remove the thing that's causing the issue in the first place, we become like everyone else, we treat the symptom. There's so many things out there for trainers to get certified in to deal with mobility issues and limitations and chronic pain. We forget that our best ally is common sense, curiosity, and dedication.

A lot of times its things like bad posture throughout the day, sitting at a desk, your shoes, the way you walk, holding your wallet in your back pocket, your purse, driving too much or how you have adjusted your seat (slightly leaning the seat back alleviates a lot of pressure), or your activities like golf, tennis, basketball, or even yoga. I know people think yoga is good for your back, and it can be. But a lot of it was never intended for people who had sedentary lives. You have to regress yoga back as much as you can, back injuries in yoga are quite common.

Fix your bad habits, then fix your back. And always be mindful of what you are doing before you play guessing games to what's going on with your back. Especially when you exercise, people think, oh the workout hurt my back. More often than not, back problems are a chronic issue, meaning it built up over time so it's something you did all the time and continue to do outside of training.
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