Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Is A Push Up

Daniel asked this question: "I always do pushups with elbows flared out (mimicking a barbell press) as opposed to elbows in (which I think its more in keeping with a "plank" form).What do you consider proper form, and why?"

My response: Elbows out shrugs the shoulders. Try it right now. Flare your elbows out and watch what happens to your shoulders. Now what happens to your shoulders when they are by your side? Shoulders are neutral right? A plank is about everything along your spine being neutral. Your cervical is not neutral with flared elbows.tral. Your cervical is not neutral with flared elbows. A push up is holding a plank, while you move your arms. A lot of people are strong enough to move a lot of weight, but can't do a lot of push ups because of this very reason. They can't hold a plank. So maybe they can do 70 push ups before failure. But they hit performance failure probably at around 1.
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