Thursday, May 24, 2012

Politics And The 1%

When people talk to me about the obesity epidemic and weight loss, from the most liberal to the most conservative, as long as they themselves are not obese, they will say things like: "It's so easy, they just need to run more. Running is free." Or, "they just need to eat less, they don't need to go on any special diet, they should just eat less and in moderation."

These same people would never agree on any issue, nothing is bipartisan. Yet somehow convenience seems to be the only thing they can agree on. If this is the typical thinking of either sides, we have problems.

Both sides will talk about the rich elite, and the wealth not spreading. WELL THE RICH ELITE ARE ALSO THE FIT ELITE. This is a problem. Fitness and health should be something anyone should be able to own, whether you are rich or poor, liberal or conservative.

Someone on Facebook asked me to elaborate. So here is what I posted:

"Weight is a loaded issue. It's not easy for people. I know because I work with people all day with their weight goals. I try to convince them of healthy eating all that I can. They go home and see the TV with all the ads. They go on the internet and see all the ads. But the most influential? They go on social media. See tons of pics of what their friends are eating, and what's their friends advice? You can still eat it, just don't eat so much. Or just go run. Bam you're all good.

Or someone tries to have an intervention with a loved one because they let their health go. But why should they listen to that person when the same person bragged about all the food they ate the last time they had a conversation? Or saw all the pictures or posts of foods that person posted? Why would they listen to this person when they see that they are eating the same and are healthy? So they convince themselves they can be overweight and healthy as long as they run. Or that being overweight doesn't also mean unhealthy. This is some of the psychology that makes it difficult.

Onto the easy suggestions. Let's say you are stressed. We all are. Your body can't tell physical stress from mental. So when you have mental stress, you feel it physically and vice vera. Now you run, you run every day for an hour. Maybe you lose weight. But a lot of people don't. Instead the body is clever and adapts, instead of making the body smaller, it just makes the heart bigger. Now you have large stroke volume for the heart (which incidentally is why so many runners die of heart attacks or strokes). Other issue, running for a long time puts a lot of physical stress on your body. Like I said your body doesn't know the difference between physical and mental. So it releases cortisol and breaksdown testosterone. Now after running you are famished, and you would now eat more than if you hadn't run at all. You are stress eating from running. And because of stress, estrogen, cortisol, you will store more of it as fat (if I go into the science of this, it will take way too long).

As far as eating less or moderation. Did you know that believe it or not in our history doctors said smoking is good to relief stress, just smoke in moderation. Ice cream a great appetite suppresent. Eat it in moderation. Moderation is not the key, eating less of something bad will not solve the issue. It just makes it less bad, doesn't make it good. We compartmentalize as human beings. We agree to be logical about everything yet we will put certain issues in a compartment where we willingly tell ourselves we will not be rational about it. Sometimes its religion. For most people it's health. So it is completely scientific to say a monkey's diet is this or that, they are only meant to eat this. They are designed to eat this way. Actually you can say that about any animal. Except of course for human beings. Because you have feelings involved. People hate when you say, we should eat this way or are designed to eat that way. They respond, everyones different. Everyone has a right way to eat based on them. Yes there are unique cases based on disease, genetics, etc. But for most of us it should be similar. But this annoys people. Their is no one right way to eat! Just eat in moderation!

The truth is, a balance diet, moderate diet, to extreme diets are all on the same continuum. What is really important is whats the most efficient diet for a human being? What were they meant to digest? Is efficiency different from person to person or do we all have one stomach, a large and small intestine, molars to chew, vascular system, etc. There are homeless people, and all they do is eat in moderation. Its crap but very little of it, and in LA you will find a lot of obese homeless people. During the depression there were obese children, they didn't eat a lot, all they ate was cheese, bread, and soup. Yes if you don't eat enough of even crap, you will emaciate away and die. But famine isn't most of our problem."
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