Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Come My Friend Can Eat Whatever They Want?

Brad asked: How come there are people like Floyd Mayweather and Michael Phelps who can eat whatever they want and still be so fit?

My response: It's the same question people ask about their friends. How come whenever I go eat with my friend, they eat a whole lot, as much as, if not more than I do and they don't gain any weight? I've had several clients ask me this. My response. What did you eat when you were alone? Sometimes the answer is, when I am bored or by myself I eat really bad. Hence they they sought out training in the first place. What does your friend eat when they are alone? You have no idea.

If you see your friend eating only when you are out eating with them, how often do you go out to eat? The amount of times ranges but usually it's too often. How many times do they go out and eat? You only know about the times when you were there. You have no idea if they go out and eat other times if at all.

So you think because when they are around you, they must eat like that all the time. What you do know is that you have no idea what they eat or how much they eat when you are not around. So how do you really know they eat all this food and not gain weight? You don't know anything about their eating habits. I don't know anything about the eating habits of my own clients and neither do they until they begin to log it. So how would you know your friends? It's just you trying to sound like a victim.

When I go out and eat, its an occasion because I don't go out and eat that often. And when people see how much I eat, they think, boy Sam you are blessed with that lucky fast metabolism. They have no idea I eat out half as much as they do, and when I am alone I never pig out. That's a huge difference. If you and your friend both pig out when you go out, but when you are alone you still pig out and they don't. What you do when you are alone is more important than what you do when you eat with your friends. And you only know what you do. Not what they do. Do you only eat chips and salsa at parties or do you also eat it when you are at home watching TV? Maybe that's the difference between you and your friend.

So to answer the question about Mayweather and Phelps, I just have no idea how much about all the crap they eat is just marketing hype and how much of it is reality. But I can say their level of muscle mass is much higher, their daily caloric burn doing nothing is much higher, their level of activity is much higher, to get as far as they have, they have been blessed with certain genetics, and as far as I know, neither of them have ever been obese so they never caused the metabolic damage associated with obesity. Meaning if I weigh 130 and my friend weighs 130 after losing 70lbs, even though our weight is the same, my friend will always have to eat less food than I do to maintain that weight. Someone who dropped to 130 is not the same internally and never will be as someone who has always stayed and prevented themselves from ever becoming 200.

So if you have ever allowed yourself to get to a size that was on the other side of the tipping point, your metabolism will never fully recover. So your friend who never allowed him or herself to get too big, will always be able to eat more than you do. Even if you weigh the same.

Now here is another thing. I have no idea what their inner workings are like. They on the outside look fit. But I have no idea if they have liver damage or fatty liver, high cholesterol, lesions or fat deposits in their heart, etc. There have been many professional athletes who later in life developed diabetes, heart disease, or most common, died of a heart attack.
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