Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Because it's Mother's Day tomorrow I wanted to share a video and a story. Rebecca and Tiffany have only been training with me for a short time. It was actually Rebecca who contacted to lose a few pounds before her wedding. When she arrived for her consultation, she brought her mother Tiffany. In speaking with them and doing screens, it was easy to see that it was Tiffany who needed the training more than Rebecca did.

She had a surgery done more than 10 years ago, that led to other complications, and more surgeries. Someone who had always felt strong, now was weak. She had muscle atrophy in her legs. Back pain. And to make matters worse she was beginning to lose her vision.

So I told Rebecca I would only train her if her mother trained with her as well. That was about 2 months ago. A lot can change in a short time if you are driven. They 're both lucky to have one another. They bicker like everyone else, but nothing brings a family together like the Turkish Get Up.

They're probably my easiest clients to train. I tell them, "do this." And they say, "ummm (hessitation, hessitation, trust) okay..."

Read Rebecca's Yelp Review for her version of the experience.


Coach Sam Y.
Founder, All Out Effort
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