Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anita's Journey

Anita has written a lovely review about her journey at All Out Effort. The thing about these reviews are, they aren't really reviewing me. They are talking about the person they see themselves becoming. They are really talking about themselves.

So for you YELPERS, please take a moment and leave a comment and UFC this review from one of my hardest working clients and let her know she is not in this alone.
"Although I've been active (hs sports, running, kickboxing, etc), I have been overweight most of my life...and in self denial. I figured, "Hey I am exercising so I must be healthy, right?" Wrong! What woke me up was my doctor informed me I was prediabetic. If I didn't stop what I was doing, I was going to be diabetic. My grandmother passed away from complications of diabetes in her 50's so she never met any of her grandchildren. I want be able to see and actively play with my own grandchildren.

Around the same time, my uncle started to suffer from Parkinson's. While it's a neurological disorder, his lifestyle didn't help him nor does it help him now. Research has shown that diet and exercise can help slow the symptoms. My uncle is in a downward spiral as he continues to avoid exercise and to eat greasy fatty fried foods. He's thin but he constantly complains about his inability to walk upright, painful muscle spasms, insomnia, and incontinence. If you don't help yourself, no one can help you.

That was the last straw. I needed a personal trainer. I want to avoid any type of pill popping to stay alive. If I do not change, my life will be full of doctor visits, suffering, and constant worry. Who the hell wants that?

I saw Sam as a last resort to weight loss. Sam was not kidding when he says, "Wake up at 5 AM. Change lives at 6 AM." Sam has changed my life.
Sam is not the type of trainer who will scream in your face and work you out until you collapse. He is the methodical Sherpa on your climb up the Mount Everest of refined and processed foods, bad habits, and improper form. Sam heavily focuses on proper form and moving along at a comfortable pace to avoid injury. When I experience back pain, Sam is cognizant of the pain and does his best not to aggravate it during our sessions. He has taught me exercises which eased the pain and went easier on me when my back was acting up.
However, Sam is NOT a softie. When my form is bad, he corrected me. I was flustered because I was in bad form and Sam was doing his best to correct it. When I texted him the food I knew wasn't apart of the diet, I cringed because he is stern. No matter how much I want to reach through my phone and punch him in the face for telling me no corn, I can not argue with him because of his knowledge. His stern presence has kept me accountable. I started to see Sam at the beginning of April and I have lost 10 lbs in less than 2 months. I am very optimistic I will lose more.

Many people make the mistake of hiring a trainer at the globo gym or via groupon/social living. It is cheaper and maybe more convenient. What people don't realize is the quality they are missing with a quality personal trainer like Sam. Not only is he knowledgeable and constantly sharing information with everyone, he is personally invested in you as a person...and not some paycheck. I know if i texted him that I ate cheese right now, he would instantly give me hell for eating it.

If you're pussyfooting around about contacting Sam, don't hem and haw. Hemming and hawing is for the weak. Just do it."
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