Monday, April 30, 2012

How Did We Grow Our Business

People ask me how I built up All Out Effort so quickly with so many clients. The answer is simple...

Instead of spending all our time on professional glamour shots, a fancy website, or advertising, we put all of our EFFORT into improving our client training experience and our own training knowledge. We make tweaks to our program almost daily!

I've seen businesses and gyms where they keep changing the paint, remodeling, adding new employees, more classes, new banners, bumper stickers, Groupon or Living Social deals, bigger signs, low price deals, deals with other local businesses, asking for referrals, adding new gimmicks like "MMA" or "Crossfit style training," and even buying the trendy equipment of the day. But not once improving their training protocol or curriculum. The assumption is people are too dumb to realize what good training is.

We assume differently and it's been our greatest return on investment.
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