Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How All Out Effort Cured Constipation

There is an AOE client who hasn't been able to use the bathroom without the assistance of laxatives for 10 years. We revamped her diet with whole foods, raw vegetables, lean meats, nuts, drinking more water. Exercise is also another big factor.


The final secret? Squatting while using the bathroom, like how they do in Asia. Now since we don't have those types of bathrooms here and it would be uncomfortable, we told her to put a stool under her toilet to prop her feet up on, so she can be in a comfortable squat position.

What this does is it elongates the colon so it's easier for everything to come out. It strengthens the muscles needed for the contraction of the movement. It also relieves a lot of the pressure to avoid hemorrhoids.

It's how we all used to go. We need to bring it back for better digestive health.

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