Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diet And Digestive Problems

I've had several clients who suffered from acid reflux, ulcers, irritable bowels, GIRD, constipation and a host of other problems. All have had reduced or no symptoms after a slow and long change in their diet. It takes time to reverse all the damage.

One client was becoming emaciated and kept losing weight, going to the ER on more than one occasion for stomach infections and ulcers. He was at the brink of death on more than one occasion. Doctors didn't really tell him much. Just to come back quickly if his symptoms came back. I've heard that before. He was down to 110lbs! What did his diet consist of? Junk. All candy and fast food. Now he's up to 127 and climbing of lean muscle and no digestive problems.

Another client had chronic constipation. She abused laxatives for over 10 years! This lead to a host of problems. We got her off the laxatives and changed her diet. At first she didn't go to the bathroom at all for a few days and gained some weight, which we anticipated. The muscles that controlled her bowel functions had grown weak from 10 years of laxatives. But after that she texted me, her first bowel movement in 10 years without aid of laxatives! It was small she said but it was a start. Now she is 100% completely regular. Which is better than a lot of people who never abused laxatives to begin with. Now she's back to her lean fighting weight as well.

No supplements, no crazy calorie counting. Just a diet based on protein, lots and lots of raw vegetables, and lots of healthy fats. Diet is a slow form of poison or the best practical cure.
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