Friday, April 6, 2012


I am getting married in less than two months, and I met Sam a month back while my mom tagged along interested in the free consultation. I explained that I want to lose all the chubby that I've done a wonderful job maintaining all my life. I was looking for a permanent change that improper exercise and diet, starvation, oriental detox, and questionable asian "vitamins" could not bring. And these methods only exacerbated my problem even more.

Little did I know.. after our consultation, Sam told me to my surprise that my mom who simply tagged along ... needed attention more than I do. Sam started rattling off mom's bodily problems that she is likely to have while mom and I sat with eyes widening with each word Sam was uttering. He was right...she did have weak knees and in the last year she became dramatically prone to injury... He warned us that at this rate, she would eventually be in a wheelchair. That woke me up in two ways. I wasn't about to let myself watch my mom being put in a wheel chair before I even have my first child, and second, I wasn't about to become her in the future.

It has now been little over a month and my mom falls less, has little to no digestion problems, and has less menopausal symptoms (THANK THE HIGH HEAVENS)... As for me, I am noticing muscles I was never aware of, I now have absolutely no digestion problems after following Sam's nutrition instructions, and have higher energy. Sam has my complete and absolute trust. Mom is astounded that a skeptic such as myself hangs on to Sam's every word without question.

Sam is without a doubt, THE best personal trainer in the Los Angeles area. I can confidently say this after scouring all of LA for a personal trainer rather frantically after setting my wedding date. He is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach all in one. I now know that, "healthy is not something you achieve easily," (Sam). My goal is to become healthy. Looking good is only the byproduct. Read it on Yelp.
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