Friday, March 30, 2012

Pregnancy Weight Gain Success Story

Almost a year ago I had a client named Sarah. She had gained a lot of weight right after her second baby. It had been 6 weeks and she lost around 10lbs of it. She had 18lbs to go to get back to her pre-baby fighting weight. The first time around the weight just fell off. This time things were different. She had always been athletic. Ran marathons, ran track, and in her later years she did some of the popular movement based work outs like pilates and bar method.

She was determined to shed this last bit of weight. She also had some low back pains and carrying the baby was a big culprit. She needed to get stronger now that she had two to carry around.

She had about 2 months left of maternity leave so she wanted to make the best use of her time. So instead of trying some of the stuff she had done in the past, she came to All Out Effort. She didn't want to mess around!

So we got to work and Sarah was one of the easiest clients to work with. She still had a lot of her athleticism. We just had to make adjustments to correct her movement patter to strengthen her back as well as loosen up her hamstrings. We did lots of kettlebells and Turkish get ups. One of her problems was she had an overarching back, and she had become quite asymmetrical from carrying the baby. We had to correct her hip alignment and teach her how to hip hinge and brace her abdominal walls. We have to cure before we can strengthen.

So a year later I wanted to see how she was and what happened to her results. The worry is always that the client loses some of their results. The hope is that their time with you changed their lifestyle. I never forget any of my clients and I periodically check in on them. This is what she said in her own words:
"Hi Sam - Nice to hear from you. Hope you're doing well.

I lost 18 lbs. when I worked with you and, at 10 months out from our last training session, I've been able to maintain that weight loss. I always worked out and made healthy food choices, but you helped me make permanent improvements in my diet and fitness. Your method of making one small change every week helped me establish new habits, instead of just getting quick-fix results that wouldn't last."
That's what you always want to hear as a trainer, that they took what you did and are running with it. I can tell them everything, and we can set goals, but it's all theoretical until they apply it and practice it. Sarah is definitely a success story. If she can do it, anyone can. She had to figure out and learn not only how to go back to work, find time to exercise, live healthy, manage stress, be a mom, cook for everyone, and cook and feed them in a way where everyone will be happy but she still applies the healthy eating habits she learned through All Out Effort. But she has managed and I am confident she will keep the results for life!
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