Sunday, March 25, 2012


Words I use often with my clients are optimal health, efficient movement, and keeping a neutral spine. These are keys to becoming an effective athlete.

The way most people work out is not only ineffective, but problematic. And they are working themselves in a way where they are weakest, not where they are most optimal. You have a certain amount of strength potential to begin with, you lose a lot of the potential due to energy leakage. So you don't want to work out in a way where you are exacerbating the way you leak energy and promote injury. Good training is about progression, not about exercising randomly until you feel as bad as humanly possible and feeling proud of yourself that you got through it. It's why I have problems with a lot of bootcamp, or random style group fitness classes. Let's see how quickly we can make you feel nauseated from this work out, and throw away exercise science and effective and optimal training methods. Let's see how many athletes that produces. Let's see how many injuries that produces.

Areas where people are weak, neutral spine. Ability to hinge at the hips. Ability to rotate shoulders. We are designed to generate power through the whole system. For example even if you are doing an overhead press, your body was designed to do it by stabilizing off of the hips. Doing it seated or on a machine moves you out of that optimal movement range and creates an unnatural movement pattern. Energy will eventually leak into an injury.

Only reason you would use machines like that is if you were physically incapable in some way, or you are temporarily injured. Even then there are so many ways to work around your injury without use of machines. Machines are great for robots maybe, machine movements are not good for human beings who are used to human movements.

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