Thursday, March 22, 2012


Before you go and think the east has it all figured out as far as alternative medicine and treating the body, take a look at this picture.

This is one of many types of products that are popular in the east, and among Asian Americans here in the US. This particular product is not cheap either. I have friends, family members, and acquaintances that have every conceivable product and pill that just masks symptoms. This one you basically submerge your whole body into it and it massages every inch of you. There are machines where it covers you all the way to your neck.

Before you think Asians are mystical and their philosophy is about treating the disease or prevention and not the symptom, think again. They have the same problems as everyone else and a lot of the same mindset.

Asian spas are famous for treating symptoms and getting quite popular here in Los Angeles. We have so many names for every condition now. In the past we used to label most of it as just being feeble. And what was the remedy? Good old fashion strength. Being "strong" will cure most of these problems.

Then again why would I do that when I can buy a piece of junk like this. I wonder if you're used to being treated like this all the time, from spas, massage, acupuncture, machines, and so forth, and your body gets so used to it, I wonder how much pain just being in the real world will cause you. It's like going from zero gravity to Earth's gravity. It must suck. The solution? Not getting stronger of course. Just buy a better gadget or find some newer alternative, maybe this time it will be a cleanse. If they call it "holistic" it must be treating the condition not the symptoms right? But no, that's not true that's not true. I work out too. I do the elliptical. And I also spin, and do yoga flow, and pilates! Yes now you are as strong as an ox. With such "intense" work outs, you must be totally counteracting all the pampering you are doing to yourself.

All doctors tell you, the worst thing for a back injury is not moving and trying to rest it all the time. But that's what people will do, try to coddle it. If movement is the best answer to keeping it from getting worse, I wonder what being strong will do?

Can being as strong as an ox really be that bad for you? And how bad is it to pamper yourself all the time?

Before you waste your money, try the best cure of all. It's called being STRONG. From chronic pain, cancer, HIV, arthritis, there is no one who's quality of life would not improve from being stronger.

(With that said, I know some of you will still want one.)
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