Tuesday, February 28, 2012


If you are on this site, you must be asking yourself this question, do I need personal training?

Let me flip it around and ask you this question: Professional athletes need trainers, why don't you? In fact if you look at our results and numbers and record breakers, our athletes keep getting better and better yet the general population keeps getting worse. So why don't you need some form of professional training?

You might say, well the athlete has a lot loftier goals than I. Well that is true, but the athlete is already in the top 1% of the world and every athlete he competes against has the same goal. Your goals might be lower but you are also not in the same starting shape as the athlete. So it almost becomes a wash.

Now not every professional athlete will hire a trainer. Some try to go at it alone. A very small minority, and never in a team sport but usually in professional fighting. What happens to these fighters? They lose. A lot. Manny Pacquiao was not the pound for pound king until he hired Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza.

When you have no goals and want to work out to just work out or don't want to work out at all, then you really don't need a trainer. If you can't financially afford one, that is a different matter. Need and ability are two different issues but personal training prices can range from $20-$200 a session (higher the rate doesn't always indicate good training, they may use that because of their celebrity clientele and status as opposed to being a good fitness coach).

There is something called cognitive dissonance. This is where you have a belief but evidence shows you another truth and this causes incongruence and discomfort. So psychology people will avoid this by having a preconceived notion then finding information or interpreting information to back up their current belief instead of letting the evidence shape their belief. It's backwards and illogical.

So you can tell yourself you don't need a personal trainer, that you can do it on your own but the statistics, the evidence, and frankly for most of you, your own health says otherwise.

Not only that your trainers are your number 1 advocate and the only other person besides yourself who share in your goal.
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