Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sedentary jobs, Sedentary Clothes, And Sweat

Currently not only are most of our jobs sedentary, it is so sedentary it would be unacceptable to be sweating at work. Think about it, you can't sweat at work? And these same people are the same ones who complain about how long and how hard they work, yet they never sweat and they aren't really allowed to sweat.

Not only that their clothes. Most of the time it has to be dry cleaned. Their clothes are not designed for sweat, and would most likely rip under any type of labor.

So once again, their jobs, their clothes, and even the culture is anti-sweat. So no matter how much you say you walk around, or work hard, or move, or try to make up for it with 3 work outs a week, how active is your life if for most of it you are not allowed to sweat?

Not only that, after this thing we call "work" where we can't sweat, we go home to move even less. That's called not working.

So what are we really supposed to do?

You should try to do something active for 2-5 mins every 2-3 hours to break this sedentary cycle. A metabolism boost to rev up your metabolism to its NORMAL active state.

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