Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Favorite New Work Out Shoes

On a whim I ordered some shoes from RMAX to wear at my gym. I needed something for both martial arts and fitness. I have 4 different kinds of barefoot style shoes, but none of them were a good cross trainer for fitness AND martial arts. I read the reviews, saw the endorsements, especially from a lot of BJJ guys including Steve Maxwell who is also a world renowned strength trainer as well.

I LOVE these shoes. Best shoes I've worn. It molds to your feet. Feels like your wearing nothing, but feet still feel protected. If you need shoes to spar in, unlike wrestling shoes, these won't hurt your ankle or knee because of the excess traction that sticks your foot to the mat. That's the main reason I didn't like my other shoes. On my rubber plyomats, whenever I pivoted, it hurt my knees. Not with these.

Click on the picture below to pick up a pair.

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