Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miss California Contestant Jona Xiao Yelp Review

I was very proud to train Miss California Contestant Jona Xiao

Out of over 5,000 girls, her just being selected was a major milestone. She looked great and though she didn't win she made everyone who supported her along the way proud.

The thing that was best about working with Jona was, it was so easy! She did everything I asked, never whined, showed up, and trained like a mad woman! I thought being a beauty pageant contestant, she would be hard to work with and a bit of a diva. No way. I don't think she missed even one day of training. I told her what to do, and she just did it. If everyone trained like her, well my job would be easier, and they would get this kind of result. She was all business!

Jona has a bright future ahead of her.

Read about her experiences in her own words here:

"When I was selected as an official representative for the Miss California USA pageant (My title was Miss Melrose 2012), I furiously looked around for THE best personal trainer so I could confidently wear a bikini for the millions of viewers that would be watching. I am so fortunate to have found Sam Y, as I achieved this goal, and so much more.

Knowledge. Inspiration. Unparalleled trainer of both the body and mind. And I've worked with several personal trainers, most of whom use a one size fits all approach. When I would inquire about kettlebells, tabatas, greasing the groove, or other exercise programs, most of the trainers I interviewed would either give me blank stares or mumble that they weren't as familiar with these fitness concepts. Sam's immense fitness and nutrition knowledge is so expansive that it feels like he can field any array of questions pertaining to these subjects to a degree that instills so much confidence in him as a trainer and the regiment he puts you on. He answers the WHY that gave me confidence in what I was doing.

In a mere 7 weeks of training with Sam, not only did I transform my body, but also my level of fitness in the areas of cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and power. When I first started with Sam, I would feel slightly tired jogging up a flight of stairs. About a month into our training, I did a late night jog at Griffith Park with a former marathon runner, and barely felt tired during the uphill portion of the run. I was shocked to find out I had been jogging over a mile uphill to start out. Sam and I hadn't even been doing any treadmill or running work at that point, but it was the eclectic power, strength, and muscular endurance exercises that helped me get from "feeble to fit" (one of Sam's goals for clients).

I love Sam's take on building strength through MOVING weight rather than LIFTING weight, which is much better for the body, and you see incredible results. When we first started training, I would complain that my body wasn't "feeling" certain exercises as much as other exercises. I think we often are under the false pretense that an exercise is only effective if we are in severe physical discomfort. Not so. I built strength and endurance without feeling like I was about to pass out or my muscles were going to give out every second. Makes the sessions much more enjoyable as well.

I had never actually looked FORWARD to going to the gym or working out with a trainer prior to Sam. Nothing ever felt stale because we did a variety of workouts, ranging from kickboxing, to kettlebells, to weighted Indian bats, floor exercises, endurance drill competitions between clients, and much much more! He was very available via phone and email, proactively checking on my progress, both physically and mentally.

At the very least, do the personal assessment with Sam. His keen eye for detecting bad form and habits will provide you new information about your body and the way you use it. If certain habits aren't corrected (if you aren't aware of them, how can you begin to change them?), they could lead to very debilitating injuries in the near or distance future..."

At the contest:

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