Monday, January 16, 2012

How To Run And How Not To Run

I took a video of a client before I made any changes to his running form. His regular form of exercise has been running and his running is typical of most people. He wears sneakers and steps heavy onto his heels and kicks the ground away as he extends his knee.

Pulling up your ankle that many times to land on your heel will cause shin splints, landing on your heel is very hard impact on your body. It's like a car constantly going over bumps. It's also inefficient and a slower way to run and you will be more prone to injury.

Instead you should run as if you were running on ice. Pulling the ground away, lifting your heel up. It should look like shuffling. Actually to compare, it looks a lot like how a horse or gazelle runs. How a typical runner runs...I can't think of one animal that runs like that.

The best shoes to wear when you run are barefoot/minimalist shoes as I have linked over to the right. You can feel yourself make contact with the ground as you pull the ground away. That feel is very important in everything you do. Power comes from the feet up. They also say you illness starts from the feet up.

(The New Balance Minimus WR10v2 for women and the Minimus MR10v2 for men are what I recommend as the best running shoes.)
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