Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Genetically Modified Foods

After reading about President Obama appointing the former VP of Monsato as the senior advisor for the FDA and how some Monsato campuses have removed GMO foods from their cafeterias, the battle over GMO foods and our right to either be aware of it or ban it has become widespread. 

Some of the pro arguments:
  • Cheaper food
  • Food resistant to pests
  • Ability to make edible pharmaceuticals
  • Unintended harm to organisms (like organisms that transfer pollen)
  • Gene transfer to non-target species
  • Deadly food allergies
  • Unknown effects on human health.
If nothing else, we the consumer should be given a choice to be aware of what kind of products we are purchasing. One site I found that does just that is Non GMO Project

Something a bit more frightening, Monsato has engineered corn to withstand Round Up and more recently corn resistant to drought, but there are now weeds now immune to the powerful Round Up herbicide. Now Dow has engineered a new strain of corn that can withstand its even more powerful herbicide that should eradicate the Round Up immune weeds. It's become a vicious cycle it seems.

Because of my own views of living and eating in a way more akin to our ancestors, I avoid anything modified or processed.

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