Sunday, December 4, 2011

Can Being Athletic Save Your Life?

One of my clients shared this amazing story with me. He was never fast or agile but he's been pretty dilligent about training with me. 

He was running along the beach one weekend and a car came up behind him and nearly ran him over. He saw the car last minute and he told me he jumped out of the way. Not just moved. But literally jumped up and got a high vertical and air time spun and turned out of the way Matrix style! When he landed the car kept driving without stopping and he told me all he kept thinking about were all those jump and twist drills I made him do. A bicyclist on the other side of the street even yelled at him, "nice move!"

Even with training once a week, he's lost 10lbs, Albeit it took him about 4 months.

So workin out isn't always for your health. Sometimes it may be for your safety. Who knows when some day your muscles will save your life!
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