Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Temporary Source of Power

Nothing in this world lasts forever. Even power. All power does is buys you time. You got a degree, that gives you about 5 years of power, in that time you can get a good entry level job. That job now gets you a few more years, hopefully in that time you learn a new skill, get certified, get a new degree, etc. If after ten years, all you did was get a degree and get a job, of course you are the first one likely to get cut and the one hardest to employ.

Most people lack any kind of foresight. The universal form of power every culture understands is beauty. That gives you instant power. You somehow use that to buy nice things, be very selective in your mates, etc. Never looking ahead or assuming that this source of power was temporary. Years pass, your beauty has faded and you never created another source of power for yourself, now what?

You used to own the top oil company in the world. Let's say 40 years have passed. What do you have now? You still going to be the top oil company in a commodity that is running dry? Or in that time did you create a new power source like solar, natural gas, wind, etc?

Health is the same way. You used to be healthy years ago, you used to be an athlete. That's gone and done with and there's no point in talking about it now. Who cares what you used to be or what you used to have, that was a temporary source of power, a temporary source of health and now you have to create the next source of power and health unless you want to diminish your value continuously. No one wants to grow older, get fatter, and get poorer.

You have one good day last week, one good meal...who cares. You have to continuously one up yourself. You did 10 push ups? Well what can you do today?

You worked out once last week? Well what about this week?

Keep increasing your health, by physically wealthy. That's all out effort. That's power.

If the best thing you can do is what you've done yesterday, then you've got other problems.
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