Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cameron's Story

This is an example of what will realistically happen. No magical change, nothing super fast. A change that happened gradually and in a sustainable way. Nothing to be on an infomercial about but still impressive and still worth mentioning. Because this is real, not someone paid to lose weight and this is someone also very busy and on a confined budget.

Cameron came to Hollywood to pursue a future in acting. Actually he e-mailed me months prior, notifying me he was planning to move here and wanted a trainer when he did. A lot of people e-mail me, telling me they are planning to move to LA and get a trainer once they did. Well I knew Cameron was serious because couple of months later he e-mailed me telling me he was here, and he wanted a consultation. I think out of all the people who have sent me similar e-mails, he's the only one who followed through with his plans.

His goal was to be in shape again, lose some of his bulk, and learn to train on his own. He's gotten in shape in the past before when he was a teen, but he's never been able to maintain. He wanted to learn to train and eat sustainably. Cameron was pretty healthy outside of a tricky right knee that he tore years back, that still often clicks on him.

Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Weight: 194
Body fat: 15.2
Waist: 39 in.
Hip: 44 in.
Arms: 14.5 in.
Thighs: 25 in.
Shoulders: 51 in.
Waist to Hip Ratio: 89%

Cameron was pretty dedicated and patient to begin with. We talked a lot about mastery, training for the sake of becoming more efficient and optimized. Not for the sake of having fun, or trying to find some exterior reason to train, some stupid motivation like get into skinny jeans.


Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Weight: 194 - 180
Body fat: 15.2 - 8.9
Waist: 39 in. - 36. 5in.
Hip: 44 in. - 43 in.
Arms: 14.5 in. - 14 in.
Thighs: 25 in. - 23 in.
Shoulders: 51 in. - 48 in.
Waist to Hip Ratio: 89% - 84%

Cameron has completely revamped how he is eating. He's cooking for himself most meals. He has a set of kettlebells at home to work out with. The interesting here is that it happened pretty slow. The process is about slowly building up the foundation, then losing the weight later on. As opposed to a lot of people who lose weight fast, then plateau and stop losing anymore weight. The body will naturally try to find an efficient weight where you are the most athletic. You just have to build the foundation first.

So in the first month and a half he only lost 5lbs. He didn't flip out. In the last month he lost 9lbs.

What's different also about Cameron is, he did everything I prescribed. Never complained. Was patient. And came in to see me three times a week and when he didn't he work out on his own.

Now Cameron is training on his own but because of the dedication he has shown I know he will maintain his results. I am certain he will do well in all his endeavors, including acting.

I've seen a lot of changes in our short time. He's a lot scruffier on his chin, his hair on top is a lot shorter. And as he changed he kept wearing shorter sleeved shirts until he only came in with tank tops...
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