Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Bodies Are Amazing

Our bodies are truly amazing. It's not just a saying. There's so many things we can do with it beyond the typical, make love, have babies sort of thing. Things we can do often, physical activities.

Like climbing, hiking, swimming, surfing, sailing, hang gliding, acrobatics, martial arts, parkour, free running, boogie boarding, parachuting, indoor flying, skateboarding, bmx, or just running really fast for that matter. There's so many other activities that people do beyond these.

Not only are they amazing to do, it feels amazing to do them. To look down from hanging from a mountain, or top of a precipice, or the world inside of a wave, or looking behind you and seeing all the other racers trailing behind you...

It's an amazing feeling, that you are doing redefining your limits, seeing a perspective few can share, and have a sense of self confidence that no one can deny you, not even nature itself.

There are clients who just start out who tell me about how their bodies don't feel amazing, they can't sleep well, they are stressed, and they've never done anything physically that has particularly felt amazing. Their bodies went from an amazing gift to a trap, a rotting piece of flesh.

So what path do you choose? A path of liberation or a path of the rotting flesh drowned out by food, alcohol, TV, drugs, video games, computers, and other things that makes it rot more?
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