Monday, August 15, 2011

Starving Yourself

In this modern age of overeating, we can still die of starvation. An obese person can die of starvation. They can have all this built up fat that their body no longer knows how to convert into fuel and if they completely stop eating or eat very little over a certain period of time, they will begin to starve to death.

The other factor is malnutrition. We could eat all the food we want and still starve for nutrients. As a child, I thought I ate a lot of food. I ate a lot of the typical Asian diet which isn't as healthy as people think it is. When people describe Asian diets, it's funny because they are describing ways we were eating in the past. Not how modern Asians eat, with nonperishable packaged foods, MSG, tons of white rice, lots of modified meats splattered with sauce. So I thought and my parents thought I ate a lot, and I did. I ate a lot of white rice and soy sauce. The doctors said I had malnutrition. Everyone was confused so we went to an herbalist who just said it was something else and gave me a tea that made me sick. I've been eating to starvation.

This is not unique to me, a lot of people suffer from malnutrition even though they eat so much. It's become such a problem that supplement and vitamins sales have grown and grown and almost every person I know has a multivitamin and fish oils in their cabinet.

We can still eat and eat, and starve. Sure you could eat a ton of white rice or just plain oats like they feed animals, and get big and fat. You will also get sick and lack sufficient nutrients and if you don't eat, your body will just starve and not know how to burn off its fat for fuel. Then like animals we will need to be pumped full of hormones and given shots to keep us alive.

To me there is no difference between white rice, white bread, or white paper. It's all the same to me. In fact you can make paper out of rice. In some countries they have even used paper and cardboard as filler in foods. It's also been fed to animals as well. How much healthier is rice to eat than paper? Not by much. You ever eaten rice cakes or rice puffs that is unflavored? Tastes like paper. It's even hard for me to spend money on rice dishes, why am I spending so much on flavored paper? A huge bag of rice at an Asian market costs hardly anything. Most of this food I may be ordering at a restaurant is mostly rice. What am I paying for here? Not for nutrition. Or they will fill it up with some other cheap filler, some other grain, or possibly corn, or soy, or potato, etc. All cheap at the market that we pay much more for than actual costs.

Why is it so hard to lose weight or burn fat when our bodies should constantly be burning fat for fuel every moment of the day? What did our modern diets do to us?
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