Monday, August 22, 2011

Dangerous Sign

Saw a girl in front of a famous high end bootcamp gym, she was outside getting air. Exhausted. Mom and bootcamp trainer gave her a Gatorade and told her to get back in there and suck it up if she wants to lose some weight and look good. She soon passed out and an ambulance had to be called. This is a pretty lean athletic looking girl mind you, and after speaking with her mom who didn't want her to get in the ambulance in the first place, told me she was in perfect medical health.

This is so bad for so many reasons. Her crazy mom, the crazy trainer, the hive mind mentality of all the people in the bootcamp, them giving her Gatorade to give her body of instant sugar and energy that will only last temporarily, her body's inability to draw energy and fuel from her fat reserves, there's so many other things wrong here, mainly a girl in her early 20s just passing out after twenty minutes of this bootcamp who according to her mom was in perfect health. Now who knows of the perfect health is accurate.

But on top of everything else I listed as problems, where was the monitoring, the assessment prior to work out, the consultation, etc. But this is what's popular, and this is what people want, and her passing out did not bother anyone in the class nor did it stop anyone from continuing to run mindlessly on a treadmill...
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