Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The crazy thing about momentum is, momentum cannot change direction without slowing down and stopping first. It physically impossible. So what about momentum in a figurative sense? Like in diet or healthy lifestyle? It means you can't just reverse your momentum. You have to slow down and stop before you can go the other way. So the less bad habits you have, the easier it is to slow down, stop, and make a change. If you have a million bad habits and are morbidly overweight, the momentum catapulting you to a very dangerous life is far greater than the momentum of someone who's only problem is they don't exercise enough.

This now can be literally applied again to exercises. The way you set down weights, how you pick it up. Especially with exercises where you swing or explode. For example the kettlebell swing or an power clean. Both have ways to load the weight, create momentum, then catch the momentum and set it down or re-rack. So with a swing for example, the momentum of the ball must slow down on the way down and stop against your thigh before being set down again on the ground. This also prevents injury as well as building a sensitivity for energy.

Things that are examples of reversing momentum in a dangerous way is any of those things I call a dance class. Dance class not meaning literally dancing, but exercising to music, and to the rhythm of the music, not to your body's natural rhythm. Where you are leaping, stepping, kicking, punching, lifting, etc. All without worry about momentum, so a lot of times people are overextending everything, and relying on their ligaments and tendons to hold tight and reverse momentum for them. This is how a lot of injuries can occur.

Momentum exists in everything you do. Make sure you apply the proper protocols and you are patient with yourself.
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