Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Man Who Is Free

I've known people who've had family members that were prisoners in one form or another. My own family during the Japanese occupation of Korea were the prisoners of the Japanese. I also know people who have family members that were holocaust survivors. They told me in the internment camp, all they had sometimes was toast, coffee, some salted meat, and potatoes.

The ironic thing is, once people are free, they eat that voluntarily. But now they want lots of it. Big toasts, lots of it with butter, coffee with sugar and cream this time, all kinds of meat with tons of salt, and potatoes. Everything made of potatoes! Eating more but still malnourished.

With my own family, it was lots of white rice, beans, kimchi, and again potatoes. They were eating this and people were dying of starvation. Now my parents will tell me, if people don't eat rice, they will die! They think the problem was the lack of rice, or the rationing of it. They didn't think it was the fact that all they got to eat was rice that killed them. People who prior to this used to eat very very small bowls of rice, but had a table full of all kinds of colorful plants and vegetables and different meats and seafoods. Nowadays you need a huge soup bowl full of rice with every meal.

In a way they are still a prisoner. They eat the same types of food that wasn't nourishing, but now they are free to eat more of it.

So there's a difference between a man who is free and a man who's been freed.
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