Thursday, July 7, 2011

Injury And Pain

There is a major difference between an injury and a chronic pain, or a chronic issue. Most injuries happen all of a sudden, due to a sudden trauma or impact. Our ancestors suffered more from injuries and died from those things more than they did from any disease.

In the modern sedentary world, we are hurting more than ever. But it's not from injuries, because it's not caused usually by something traumatic or sudden. It's something that causes pain over time, that is from something repetitive, that turns chronic. Sometimes injuries will turn chronic because we never strengthen the injured site so even though it heals, it heals in a weakened state because it's never strengthened up again, then repetitive motions make it worse.

Sometimes one day, it just gets really bad, my knee hurts or my neck or my back, etc! And they will blame the last thing they did. But most likely it was already a chronic issue from something repetitive and it finally got bad. A lot of people when they first start working out, will stop because something hurts and they think, oh not this training stuff is dangerous. Sometimes accidents happen but the majority of the time it's everything you did to your body prior to training that causes all the pain, and it's just expressing itself in training. Poor posture, being inflexible, tight muscles, improper breathing, etc.
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