Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Testosterone In The Modern Diet

The way people eat now, all the processed foods, chemicals, hormones, sugars, simple carbs, etc. lowers men's testosterone. The modern diet lowers men's testosterone in other words. Many obese men have more estrogen than women. This coupled with low testosterone scores over time and more and more cases of male infertility, we see a pattern.

Nowadays it's common to think a sport is barbaric or too violent. In ancient times almost across the board, men loved sport, especially rough ones. Look at the gladiatorial days. Look at the current rise of UFC, it's still within us. In those days, if a man didn't like sports, being active, being competitive, etc. they either questioned if he was depressed or mentally fit. Nowadays it's common place to not like any of those things.

Lots of little boys nowadays will probably not play sports, or even go out and play, need glasses because their eyes are inflamed from their diet, already overweight or obese because of the high glycemic nature of children's food, have acne because of the inflammatory nature of our foods (acne barely existed a hundred years ago and is still considered a new disease), and sit at home and play on their computers. Which has a whole other scary side, children no longer playing is bad enough, but being introduced to informational overload on the computer with no guidance or censorship, will be a sociological nightmare.

Changing our food supply, food portions, nature of our foods, has huge effects on our culture and society. And a very personal one for men.
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