Monday, June 13, 2011

Overweight Homeless Epidemic?

No one has discussed this. What about the spread of our homeless community? Actually the homeless problem and lack of food is a serious matter and I am not trying to make light of it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are many obese homeless people, at least in Los Angeles. I'm certain it's not from overeating, there are overweight homeless people who are dying of starvation. It's just the stuff they do eat isn't even real food most of the time, its stuff with no nutrition. It's stuff that makes you gain weight but doesn't help you survive, where you can even be obese and die of starvation of malnutrition. Get fat but still starve your body? What are we doing to ourselves? Sometimes people will offer me junk food and I will say no. When they ask why, I don't even tell them its because its junk food, I just tell them that stuff is worthless. Actually its worse than worthless, because if it was worthless it just wouldn't do anything to your body, good or bad. A lot of stuff we eat today does do our body harm.

Because we are so used to a high blood sugar, our body doesn't even know how to survive anymore, the way it was originally designed. To live off the fat storage like every other animal. Instead we live off of sugars and carbs. Its why a heavy person can show signs of starvation when there is still all this fat for its body to live off of. It's like having a body that no longer knows how to process water, so you are surrounded by water yet you die of thirst.

We need to retrain our bodies to live off of fat, to burn fat for energy. Like we used to do as babies.
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