Thursday, June 23, 2011

Food As Reward

We reward ourselves with food. It was taught to us since birth. We even do it on a diet or while working out. I worked out hard today, so I can eat this. Or I've been so good on my diet, so I will treat myself to this.

Ever since we were young, our parents rewarded us with food. And we connect it like a Pavlovian dog to warm memories. That good feeling. On birthdays we have cake, when we do something good we have ice cream, go to the movies we have pop corn, you get a promotion, you eat steak, etc. Originally it was because we did something good, now we eat it and get that feeling as if we did something good without doing anything. We call it comfort food not because of the taste, but because they know to market those foods as being something that will make you remember an old feeling, or make you feel like you have just been rewarded.

Every event now is marked with food. It's even the only thing we know about other cultures is their food. Not anything about their habits or history.

That is the emotional connection we have with food. We need to liberate ourselves from this. That something refined and man made whether drugs or food makes us feel good or emotionally loved.
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