Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Energy In Energy Out Model

It doesn't work. The idea of counting calories eaten and burned doesn't work. The assumption is, I can eat as many calories of french fries or soda as I want as long as I burn it off. Then I will stay lean and healthy. This just isn't true. People actually have said to me, I work out a lot so I can eat as much as I want...

The assumption then is that all calories are the same. It's all equal. So if I put in 13 gallons of premium, I will get the same performance or same condition car as putting in 13 gallons of really cheap regular. Calorie is a unit of energy or more precisely a unit of heat. I can light a piece of wood on fire. I can also light a piece of rubber on fire that is the same unit measurement as the wood. They do not both produce the same type of flame, quality of fire, will not last for the same amount of time, but also both are producing energy but one is producing a much more unhealthy type of byproduct than the other unit of energy.

If it is an exact science and mathematical, why do so many people fail at this when they take such accurate measurements of whats being put in their body and what's being burned? How come sometimes they even put on weight? They say oh it's because of stress. Oh so this will only work if we have no stress hormones? Then why doesn't this work for low stress people? Why are there people who barely eat twice a day who still gain weight? Or why do some people eat all day and not put on anything? Why are they defying this science? And if stress hormones affect weight so much, shouldn't we be doing things that affect our hormones more? Like work out in a way that causes a hormonal response? I mean stress and even thyroid affects weight. Steroids affect weight and that's not based on any calories but on hormones. So shouldn't we be trying to work out really hard and sporadically to affect our hormones more and not worry about the calorie burn?

Also if I somehow burn everything I eat, and I eat crap all day, but I'm lean, does that mean I am healthy? Can I be lean and be diabetic? Get cancer, acne, digestive diseases, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, etc? Maybe they won't suffer from obesity but they can still suffer from other ailments. There are even athletes who ate whatever they wanted because they worked out so much and later developed diabetes, or just got plain obese.

You heard it a million times, and it's the same for eating and exercise. It's quality not quantity. Have a really good work out, not a lot of easy ones. Eat quality foods, not too much or too little of bad foods.
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