Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Father's Health

A couple years ago, my sister was diagnosed with cancer and she passed away. My family did what the doctors told them to do, had whatever surgery that needed to be done, and hoped for the best. She went very quickly. My father was diagnosed last year. This time I personally didn't want to just do or not do what the doctors said but be pro-active. We of course did the modern medicine, and went on treatment. He was already at Stage 4 colon and liver cancer. We also did a lot to change his eating habits and diet, I was very obsessed about that. Then exercise and stress management were other factors. There is no magic cure-all. It's all a game of inches and I wanted to be as greedy with the inches as I could be. My dad is also in his 80s, lifetime smoker, and alcoholic. He stopped smoking maybe 20 years ago, and stopped drinking once he was diagnosed.

I've seen most of my dad's friends and siblings pass away. He had one friend, a lot younger than him. Would visit all the time once my dad was diagnosed. A couple months ago he also was diagnosed with cancer. He recently passed away. Both went to the doctors and did all the medical stuff, both are religious men, but I think the true difference was that my dad made all those changes to his diet. And diet was one conversation the doctors never had with us... When I engage in them about it, I can tell right away their lack of knowledge in the subject. My dad is pretty healthy for the most part, active, walks, talks, drives, etc. Only when on chemo is he weak, but not weak from cancer but from the medicine.

Truly diet isn't just about weight or appearance, but is about overall health and longevity.
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