Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food As Entertainment

Over the years, the idea of food has changed. From something we need, from being fuel, a necessity for survival, like it is with every wild animal, it has become entertainment for us. Food has to be fun. Look a certain way. Be categorized by meal times. Snack foods, breakfast foods, lunch foods, etc. It has to be interesting, it has to have pictures of it taken, talked about, written about, has websites, TV shows, TV channels, magazines, a whole social media, movies, and huge blocks of conversation dedicated around it.

It has moved away from what food is, which is...food. That's why we actually eat so little of it, and eat so much edible entertaining items. Potato chips. Yes it's edible, so is chapstick and edible underwear. Doesn't mean it's food.

We think of food the same way we think about movies, about a book, music, or a night out on the town. You can go to a concert of you can go to this restaurant. One is for fun, the other was for survival now we made it fun. Now it offers so little of the things that keep us alive and healthy and more of the things that we think are entertaining.

It's not a healthy relationship and we have to respect food again for what it is, which is fuel, and a necessity of life. Like water. People have tried to jazz up water and its becoming more and more entertaining, but I think all in all we still consider water as water, and the way we think about water is different from the way we think about food even though in a survival sense both are the same, two things we need to feed on to live.

Food is all some people talk about or care about or hold value in. Some think without entertaining food, what is the value in life? Well yes in a shallow life that would be valuable. I enjoy food, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't have to be fun for me. I enjoy it for what it will do to me. Like in a way drugs, doing it isn't so entertaining or enjoyable, but how it feels after and what it does for you is. For me food helps me perform better, be more alert, and helps me be in a good mood. What's that drug you take to feel good and have energy? Oh, it used to be called food.
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