Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Body Is Not Just A Beater

To get your brain to work. Some people tend to think all their body is good for, or meant for, is to house their brain. They treat their car with more respect than they do their own bodies. They seem to think no matter how bad it gets, how beat up, how sick, they can still think, work, communicate, etc. They don't think that the brain is actually a PART OF THEIR BODY. That somehow the health of their body will not affect the health of their brain, that stress hormones will not get worse from the insulin responses in your body due to the foods you eat. That nervous system health doesn't affect your ability to think. That hormones in your body, high fat levels, lack of neural pathways, will not affect your ability to think.

Why are there fat doctors, out of shape professors, anthropologists and human genome scientists who eat donuts? How can people so disconnect their body from their consciousness? And anything related to a mind body connection is some new age mumbo jumbo? What is a brain without a body? Dead. What is a body without a brain? Dead. If you got shot in the head, you would die. Ironically if you got shot through the heart, you will also die. How can people pretend to be so smart, pretend to do their job well, pretend not to be a burden on society, have such a sense of entitlement, yet order or eat some of the worst foods and not choose to be active, and brag about it? As if they just made a brilliant choice with their life.

So how is it possible that people can respect their brain and their mind so much but not their bodies? It is widely accepted there are some foods that are good for the brain. If so, why are we not eating more of it? If we are so smart, why are we so stupid?

I remember watching an Animal Planet show about obese pets, and the veterinarian speaking on the subject was herself obese, and was telling dog owners not to overfeed their animals or feed it this or that, and how it needs more exercise. I wondered how some people can separate their academic and intellectual life from their real life? They must think their bodies are some kind of avatar and is not their true self. That the body is a trap. How disconnected they must be from their own bodies, how trapped by their bodies.

In this age, physical activity has become voluntary and food is no longer scarce. You could actually choose to live like an invalid if you wanted to, sitting all day, and gorging yourself on food. And when you do, and when you have, it's no wonder that your body doesn't feel like your own, and that you are trapped in it. It becomes a vicious cycle. Our brains haven't changed much in the last 10,000 years, we used to chase or be chased. We use to hunt and gather. Now we sit over the computer and read reports and check e-mails. We no longer have to rely on fight or flight instincts to survive so now that instinct gets triggered by everything, causing us anxiety. Our bodies are no longer naturally muscular. No wonder our body doesn't feel like our own and we are easily stressed out.

Your body is not just a beater to get your brain to work. Treat it with respect.
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