Friday, April 29, 2011

With Good Form All Things Are Possible

Too often accomplishing something becomes a mental exercise. It becomes an ego thing, an anxiety thing, a motivation thing. We have to make it about none of those things, and make it about the form, and execution of good form which will lead to that desired result. Not the want of that result getting you that result. It doesn't matter if you are in a good mood or hyped or in a bad mood and pressured, bad form is bad form and you will not succeed. Even if someone lies to you because you are so hyped that you did something, even though it was the worst form possible and would never count as a real rep.

Your body is ready to do it, it's your mind who becomes the backseat driver and messes you up. Just focus on form, do lots of reps, create body memory. In the dark you know where to stick the car keys into the ignition on the first attempt. It's a small hole and a smaller metal object you are sliding into the hole. So easy to miss yet you have repped it so many times its easy and you are not thinking about it. Once you think about it you will mess up. If you are doing something really well, and I tell you wow you are doing something really well, do it again. You may fail at it because you are trying to repeat what you first did without thought.

Whether you succeed or fail, do it with good form. Even if you are in a good mood, bad mood, nervous, excited, whatever, just do it with good form. Because eventually if you ever do want to be able to lift that thing, move that weight, jump that box, you can't do it without good form. So the advice just do it, is meaningless to me. As if it's some mental hurdle stopping me. Just get the form right, and the form will take care of the rest.
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