Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Idea Of Breakfast

Okay sometimes I will tell a client, try eating this for breakfast. They will respond with, "that for breakfast?"

We all have learned that breakfast food is one certain kind of thing, lunch is something else, dinner is something else. Typically breakfast is either pastry or some egg dish, lunch is some bread dish like a sandwich, and dinner is the biggest dish, usually meat and potatoes followed by dessert. Where did that rule come from? It doesn't matter. Do not think of meals as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are more indicative of time not what sort of food. We are not designed to process different kinds of meals a day, like we process pastries better at night and eggs better in the morning.

A meal is a meal, no matter what time of day it is. Doesn't matter style, genre, category, just make it a good one. And forget about eating small meals or 3 square meals, etc. Eat when you are hungry, eat when you rise, eat long before you go to bed. There are no other rules. Food is abundant now but our bodies were designed when food was scarce.

About the Author:

Sam Y. is a Personal Trainer, Coach, Performane Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Enhancement Specialist, and holds multiple certifications. He is also an avid Martial Artist, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA. He is also the author of the popular fitness blog All Out Effort as well as the popular martial arts blog Inner BJJ. You can find him in the Los Angeles area personal training his clients, or at home annoying his wife, or on Facebook at his personal fitness page.
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