Monday, April 25, 2011

Forced Recovery

I had an experiment I had a client do. I already knew the outcome but had him try it anyway. I had him do a circuit of multiple exercies. He was seeing how many rounds of those circuits he could do in 20 minutes. I gave him the stop watch, told him he paces himself and he decides how many rounds he will do. First day of doing it he did around 2. The next day we tried it again. I told him this time, whenever a round ends, to force himself to take exactly 60 seconds to rest before he starts the next round. He did. And he did 3 and 1/2 rounds this time. Even though he took longer rests in between.

People think it's harder and you get in better shape if you mindlessly do one exercise after another. Actually a superior athlete isn't someone who can go from one thing to another thing nonstop and do it at a slow or medium pace. A superior athlete can go at a very high pace with just a little time for recovery.
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