Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weight And How You Look

Let's look at weight through the lens of higher logic. Now a lot of people (not everyone) only care about weight because of how they look. What they really want is to look better, and to do that they need to get smaller. Fine it is understood that lean and thin is attractive.

But like all things, there is a balance. Too far off on either side of the bell curve and you are at an unattractive extreme. There are many on either sides, very few right in the center.

So the initial idea was to look better because maybe the person is on the overweight side of the curve so they need to trim down. Or they just think thinner just looks better. It doesn't matter, the key point is, ultimately they care about looks. That's fine. Shallow but fine.

So how did that turn into your numbers on a scale? Of course weight is a good measuring tool but is not the only tool. I've seen skinny people in the gym who are so skinny, they look terrible. Pardon my language, but they look like shit. Somehow though they fixate on the idea that lower numbers on the scale means they will look better, so they go from bad to worse. They lose focus on the original goal, which is to look better.

So they look in the mirror, realize they don't look good, and fixate on weight again and its a vicious cycle for some that will make them just look worse and worse. If being really rail thin was what attractive was, I guess starving people in foreign countries are hot, or AIDs patients, or Cancer patients, or anyone who is on the verge of death is hot right?

Do you want to be super light or do you want to look good? Which is ultimately more important? Because they are not the same goal (though initially for some, one affects the other). If you look good, you look good. It doesn't matter the weight.

An analogy I could give is this, let's say you want to boil water. Boiling water is like perfection, the ideal body. So you know raising the temperature initially will bring that water to a boil. 212°F is the boiling point. So you raise the temp more and more and now you got boiling water, perfection, but you keep insisting on raising the temperature higher and longer because somehow more is better. When water boils, it boils, you can't have extra boiled water. All you will get then is more water evaporating. Soon left with no body. Same thing, soon you will not even have enough body for it to be hot. Ever notice temperature has always been the analogy for looks? Smoking, hot, etc. They work the same way.
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