Friday, March 11, 2011

Never Stop Training

Never. For whatever reason. You will regret it. People who stop and plan to come back, never do. Wait not never, it's just most of the time it's such a long gap it's should not even be considered coming back, it's just starting all over.

People who stop training because, oh I'm busy with this, vacation, holidays, people flying in, etc. I will start up in 2 weeks or 1 week, etc. 1 week turns to 1 year turns into years and you look completely different now.

People think it's easy to lose weight because there are so many people who do it. It actually isn't difficult to lose weight. Why then are most of us not lean? Because anyone can lose weight, very few people keep that weight off, or continue to lose weight. Almost everyone overweight has lost weight before. Who can't? Few keep it off or take more off. If everyone who lost weight kept it off, our world would look quite different. For now people lose and regain and gain more.

My advice, don't stop. For whatever reason. Don't listen to yourself. Your mind lies. You promise you will be back and you won't.
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