Monday, February 21, 2011

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

This was a picture from The American Journal Of Orthopedic Surgery. The research was done in 1905. So the information has been out there for a long time. But like I've always said information stays at the top, with the athletes and does not trickle down to the regular person.

So what is wrong with this picture? The picture on the left is of a barefoot walker. On the right is someone who wears shoes daily. More often than not, modern people's feet look like the one on the right, not the left. Only in comparison can you see how different our feet look, from the way its supposed to look. And how much our feet look like shoes. I thought it would make more sense if shoes looked like feet. Not feet look like shoes. Sounds painful.

So the rise of all the foot problems, low back pains, knee issues, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis. etc. Not only that orthotics and special shoes. For some, their feet are so dysfunctional, they can no longer walk barefoot without pain. Nor balance without shoes. Now shoes have become their crutch and it will be a pain cycle where their feet just get worse and worse.

Power is generate from the feet up. Less contact with the ground your feet make, less power. Weaker your feet are, weaker you are. It's hard to develop even a strong core without strong ankles and shoulders.

Look at baby's feet. Then think of one day forcing those cute spread toes to look like the picture on the right?

There are options to correct your whole system from the ground up. Proper running and walking form. Walking barefoot around the house. Barefoot on grass and sand. There are even barefoot shoes or minimalist shoes. Now with those, especially if you've barely ever been barefoot except in bed, you need to work your way into them. Maybe an hour every other day. Slowly until your feet start to adapt to it's natural form. Then you can wear them all day.

In martial arts, if I wanted to break your foot or ankle with a lock, I would first force your toes together, make you step heavy on the ball of your feet, then put pressure on your heels. And if I keep going and keep putting pressure, you will never walk without a limp ever again. That is a brutal submission lock everyone is scared of. Now think about shoes! They do it, but in a milder form. Squeeze the toes, make you step heavy on the ball, and pressure on heels. Especially women's heels.
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