Monday, February 28, 2011

An Experiment

I know a friend who lives out of state. She has put on about 6lbs over the holidays. Not a lot of weight but it's above her normal weight and being a small person to begin with, she wanted to lose that holiday weight. So since January she has been running every day and hitting the gym, taking their classes, etc. All the hard work she is now back to her original weight of 130. Which is a very healthy weight for someone 5'6. Now she has never been below 130 since maybe freshman year of high school. She is now 24. She has always wanted to get below 130 but has never been able to, she has gone well above 130 to past 140 and has worked to get herself down but the plateau has always been 130. So I told her, let's try an experiment. I tell you how to eat, how to work out, you run the experiment yourself, catalogue your results and let's check in every week. So here we go. I told her she will break 130 not even trying, not counting calories, working out less than she already does. It's not even that she's trying to lose weight, her body will just try to get as lean and as strong as possible. So let's see.

Track her progress: The ExperimentDay 1Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Day 30
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